Mini Prayer, Candle Magick, Votive Candle - Unscented Vegan Soy Wax

$ 3
Color: Dark Grey Earthen (Artisan pour)

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These are our own Keven brand, hand poured soy pillar votive sized candles with our custom colors and  intentions. These can be burned without a candle holder, but please remember to burn on a non flammable surface.

We don't want to bog down the intention and imagery with commercialism, so you can find our details on the bottom of the candle. 

*Black Candles come in beeswax or soy. Please not these are pure color tinted and the soy is what makes them appear lighter. They still function as a pure colored candle, but without all the toxic paraffin. Its a small price to pay to help the environment and maintain a healthier environment.

lead free, cotton wick, 2" tall, approx 4-6 hr burn time.

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