Moldavite Crystals - (Rare) Authentic and Certified Czech

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Moldavite is found on the in the Czech Republic where a meteor impacted the earth and the meteor and the earth elements fused back together. 

It is a stone of transformation, rapid spiritual evolution, chakra activation, cleansing, and increasing positive life synchronizations. It is a storm element stone, as especially works with the heart chakra and third eye. There is much occult lore associated with moldavite, and to say the least it is an intense stone that can be too much for some. It is often faked, but it is obvious when it is because it's energy is quite particular and immediate.  

Please note that Besednice Moldavite is rare and costs more per piece as the mines are closed. This listing is for 1 single piece of moldavite at the retail rate. Anything cheaper on the market is fake.

*Our Moldavite comes from a trusted source, an actual miner in the Czech Republic. Learn how to identify fake moldavite here . No money is made on this link, it is just for educational purposes. Please stop asking if I sell real moldavite. The answer is yes!

1 piece in stock.

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