Mystical Stitches: Embroidery for Personal Empowerment and Magical Embellishment (Hardcover)

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Explore personal transformation through the stitching of dreams and intentions. Anything but ordinary, Mystical Stitches combines the beloved and accessible craft of embroidery with a spiritual element, introducing a rich treasury of 200 magical symbols you can use to set an intention and create personal icons to wear or embellish items in the home. Christi Johnson offers unique patterns inspired by botanicals, animals, numbers, the cosmos, earth elements, zodiac signs, and mythical beasts, for novice or well-practiced crafters to combine into talismans with personal meaning. Johnson’s folk art style is vibrant and unintimidating and provides a framework for bringing spiritual elements into physical form.

Make your embroidery glow with mystical meaning, guided by Christi Johnson’s rich treasury of 200 magical symbols. Combine numbers, planets, animals, forces of nature, and more to create a personal talisman to express your deepest wishes and intentions through colorful stitchery. Use a lightning bolt to call on swift action and illuminate messages. A raindrop symbolizes release, support, and nourishment. The pomegranate is a sign of immortality and ultimate potential.

Step-by-step instructions and patterns make it easy to re-create each symbol and develop original designs to adorn your clothing, enhance an altar, or make a wall hanging. Whether you’re a new or experienced stitcher, you’ll be inspired to expand your practice of creative and mindful embroidery.

About the Author

Christi Johnson creates mystical garments that blend elements of botanical dyes with handcrafted stitches. The resulting textile talismans honor the body, its boundaries, its extensions, and its relations to the world and cosmos around us. She works from the belief that through self-expression, we discover our power to transform our worlds. Raised in tropical Florida, Johnson studied Fashion Design at Otis College of Art and Design. She worked in the fashion industry in Los Angeles for nearly a decade, most notably designing “cosmically crafted” limited-edition embroideries for boutique brand Coast-Wide’s denim workwear, and now lives in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York. As a teacher, Johnson also offers workshops in natural dyeing and embroidery and has created kits and booklets for students and DIYers. Her garments, booklets, kits, and embroidered artwork have sold at maker studios and boutiques across the nation. 

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