Obsidian Scrying Mirror

$ 19.00


Obsidian is a very protective stone. It resonates with the inner goddess and shadow integration, but is gentle enough for those who are sensitive in nature.

As a Scrying mirror, it is as good as it gets. As one of the earliest forms of divining, Scrying is done by reflecting an image and meditating and seeing the forms that appear.

The smaller size does not come with a stand or pouch, but can be easily fashioned with a tarot bag, deck wrap, or silk scarf. We also suggest using this is tandem with one of our altar tiles seen in the photo.

2-4" diameter

8" diameter (sometimes listed with w/ a metal stand)

**Pre-ordering allows us to order it directly and have it shipped to you. Please note this will come separate from other items in an order.


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