Oil Bar Case- The Chariot

$ 27

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Our Oil Bar Case, The Chariot, is a pine box, hand embellished with a historical ebonized process of oxidizing the wood with an inset leather cord.

Tarock cycle batch


Limited run, hand embellished, iron dipped , sealed and waxed.

This Chariot, is a solid pine box, handcrafted and embellished for our original sized oil bars on the go.

Inside, the wood is left raw to ensure a safe and natural patina for the bars to create their own wood sealant. The interior lid is hand carved and details which are rustically branded, to make room, for up to our full sized bar. Included, is a real suede cord, to wrap around and keep your bar safe while traveling in style.


 pine wood, wax, iron oxide, suede

3.5" x 2.5" x 1.5"

*Does not include an oil bar



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