Opposing Mercury Oil

$ 15

This oil was created to be used as an opposition to Mercurial energies, made with nervine herbs to help shift that off energy. This makes is also beneficial to use anytime murcurial energies are off, or the infamous Mercury Retrograde periods. Use it as an anoint oil on the skin in small amounts or as a candle dressing. 

Some of the herbs and crystal infused are Black Cohosh, Cowslip, lepidocrocite and tourmaline.

Shake and use 1-5 drops on the skin as necessary. Breath in the scent and use your intention to work your magic.

As a candle dressing, shake and drop 10-15 drops on the top of a candle. Light the candle and burn in a safe area. Do not leave unattended.


This is a *curio object. It has a proprietary blend of ingredients specific for scent, aromatherapy and metaphysical properties. 

**organic grapeseed oil, extracted herbs, crystal essence, proprietary blend of essential oils.  *Vegan

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