Persephone: Intentional Essential Oil Blend - For Diffusers, Anointing, & Spellwork

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This one is one of our most recent blends made with notes of orchid, dark moods and herbs.




Bold orchid, dark herbs, and a hint of amber… you feel transported to the shadow side. This is a moody scent, but also uplifting and soothing.

  • This oil aligns with the Moon, the elements of water, air, and earth. It is used for shadow work, Venusian aligned activities such as sex magick, self care, soothing emotions, or transforming the energy of a space.  It is energetically protecting and transforming and embodies the hedge witch who loves plants and the darker side of things.


Glamour magick is a fun way to add to your arsenal of functional tools on the go, and you can smell like that Witch you are. Now you can also bring this to your home and magickal practice.

Directions: Use 3-5 drops in an essential oil diffusor, or 10-15 drops per 1/2 oz of carrier oil.


Contains a proprietary blend of essential oils including: Ylang Ylang, Rosemary, Lavender, Peppermint, Amber, citrus flowers and fruits . Contains no carrier oil. 

**Contains citrus oil which can be phototoxic. Do not use in large quantities and then go out into the sun or go under UV lights. Discontinue if irritation occurs.



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