Phenacite Crystal Chips - Natural, Clear, Brazilian (Very Rare) A + B grade

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Phenacite (aka Phenakite) is a very sought out rare crystal. 

It is said to be a very high vibration stone which stimulates inner vision through the third eye and mind connection, and stimulates psychic attunement. 

This stone is used to clear and heal any chakra blockage, as well as rapid personal growth.

An essential stone for any natural witch ready to make big changes and shake up the status quo. It is known as a Synergy 12 stone in some circles.

As with Herkimer diamonds, these stones are small, but pack a huge punch. Use in small doses if you are new to crystals. 

(A grade, pieces range from 1-2 mm pieces - 20 mm wide. They may contain gray, yellow, or pale red color shifts.)

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