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Poison Plant Pendulums

Sale price$ 25.00

Handmade poison plant pendulums cast in resin, by one of our favorite baneful plant practioners, Poisoner's Apothecary.

Choose from Wolfsbane, Foxglove, or Datura.

Wolfsbane leaves and amethyst in a resin crystal point. Wolfsbane, associated with the goddess Hekate, is a powerfully poisonous plant used in witchcraft for invisibility, shapeshifting, and traveling to the Underworld.

Datura - Datura in a crystal shaped resin pendant. Datura is a hauntingly beatiful flower, yet a poisinous plant used in witchcraft for spirit communication and divination.  

Foxglove petals and mugwort - Mugwort and Foxglove in a crystal shaped resin pendant. Foxglove is both a baneful herb and a faery herb, with associations to the Underworld thus excellent for pendulum divination.