Portal - Florida Water and Floor Wash (Wholesale)

$ 9


This floor wash was made as a road opener, to help bring in prosperity, and keep blockages out and positive energy flow in. Made from a special combination of 'abre camino', mandrake root, rose, bay,  myrtle, as well as the Rose of Jericho and other plants  as well as a  proprietary blend of essential oils. 

The base for this was made during the full moon, known to push through one's personal limitations. 

(Now comes in a glass dropper bottle)


water, proprietary herbal tincture, herbs, florals and essential oils.


For ritual cleaning purposes only. This is what is known as a 'magical wash' which is a curio item which is not intended to replace, heal, or cure any medical condition.

Do not consume. Intended for applying to external objects, like floors, doorways, walls, etc.

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