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Release Ritual and Sound Meditation w/ Nikki

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Are you ready to release what is holding you back from your full potential and achieving your goals or desires? During this ritual meditation you will be guided through a visual journey where you will ground yourself to Mother Earth and receive permission to release things that no longer serve you, all while receiving vibrational healing emitted through crystal quartz sound bowls. Sound Vibrations offer deep healing by releasing stuck emotional energy as well as bringing balance to the chakras. This is a form of alchemy that will leave you feeling lighter, both spiritually and energetically. 



Nikki is a Sound Healing Guide, Certified Hypnotist and Energy Worker. Her work focuses on guiding individuals on their path to self-healing by teaching them how to access different levels of consciousness through sound and hypnosis addressing issues concerning the mind, body, and emotions. In addition, her practice weaves together her personal experience in the use of medicinal plants and herbs, symbolism, ceremony, moon phases and Jungian shadow work. For more information: 


Release Ritual and Sound Meditation w/ Nikki
Release Ritual and Sound Meditation w/ Nikki Sale price$ 65.00