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Crystal Facial Massage Roller (Myopracter) Gua Sha

Sale price$ 32.00

These crystal facial rollers are intended to be used with our without our facial serums. They can helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, reduce puffiness and help bring a natural glow to the skin. 

Used in tandem with our facial serums they can also help the oils to penetrate the skin more deeply, giving them a greater effect.

Use the Rose Quartz for: Universal love, harmony and pure self-love and acceptance. 

Use the Clear Quartz for: Amplifying, cleansing, setting intentions, and holding memories or secrets. 

Use the Tiger’s Eye for: Boosting creativity, self-esteem and some youthful energetic boost.

Use the Jade for: Bringing in youth and prosperity.

Use the Black Jade for: Connecting with mother earth, grounding, emotional and mental stability, and protection.