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Sacred Geometry Triangular Incense - Palo Santo & Myrrh - by Sagrada Madre

Sale price$ 9.00

Triangular Incense made using plant based binders, resins and pure essences to create something between an incense and a smudge. 

Produces a thick plume of heavily scented smoke. Can be used alone or in creating your own sacred geometry shapes and combinations to enhance your rituals.

Each box contains 4 triangles that burn for approximately 30 minutes.


• Made in Argentina, Women Owned, indigenous Owned, LGBTQI Owned, Latina Owned

About Sagrada Madre:
Sagrada Madre is a family owned and operated brand selling handmade incense and smudge products. Started in Argentina by two of my brothers in 2018 with the goal of creating intentionally conscious products. Using sustainably harvested, ethically procured and directly sourced all natural ingredients. Each product is handmade to ensure the best quality and as my brother says "made with love" The goal of Sagrada Madre is not only to create excellent incense and smudge products for everyday life and rituals, but also to give back. Give back to the earth and its inhabitants in every way possible. Sagrada Madre donates to various NGOs and animal rescues in Argentina. We also partner with our harvesters in Peru to replant Palo Santo trees and ensure we give back more than we take.