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Saffordite Tektite Cintamani Stone - (Rare) Necklace

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Saffordites are a rare glass like stone found in Arizona. There is some debate about if the stone is a tektite or from volcanic origin. Most lean towards them coming from a tektite. Yet others suggest it is weathered Obsidian and a psudomorph.

Saffordites have earned a lot of nicknames and are often called, the holy grail stone, the wish-fulfilling stone, or Cintamani.

Cintamani itself is translated as meaning, “thought-gem” or “wishing stone.” Saffordites when seen with the naked eye look like a common brown coloured stone. When held up to the sun it can change to lavender or grey-green opaqueness. Moreover, when held up to a flashlight, they blaze fiery orange to bright yellow and become nearly transparent, showing lines and dimples within the rock.

It carries a low magnetic frequency and thus is excellent for grounding energy. It is known as the all possibilities stone and wish filling stone, so use it for any manifestation magic, transformations, transmutations, etc. It operates on your own energies, so expect those energies to exchange and duplicate.

Metaphysically Saffordites are said to be the most powerful gemstones yet discovered, even more, powerful than Moldavites. Yet the Moldavite and Saffordite together are the stones of reunion they belong together. Saffordite being the female counterpart. If you are looking for love, light, and grace the Saffordite Stone is the place to start.”