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Sagittarius: Gold Leafed Art Print

Sale price$ 35.00

Sagittarius : The Archer, the Ninth House, ruled by Jupiter, Mutable Fire, correlated with the Temperance tarot card. The Centauress Archer…so where’s their bow and arrow? They ARE both - they are both the catapult launching and the projectile shooting out into vast corporeal and etheric worlds. Our Wayfinder’s flames burn for adventure - both physical and spiritual/intellectual. In body and/or mind they are a curious seeker of new spaces and old knowledge - fresh and ancient truths. Always down for discussion and debate, the Temperance card offers a reminder of moderation to their tendancy to be quick to anger // quick to forgive.

(PS: I’m a Sagittarius Sun)

Available with hand gold leafed radiating embellishments (each will vary slightly, leafed to order)

Original artwork by Kita Atabaki. 9”x12” 100% cotton watercolor rag, archival quality print.

Sagittarius: Gold Leafed Art Print
Sagittarius: Gold Leafed Art Print Sale price$ 35.00