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Salt Cleansings - Relationship Repair

Sale price$ 16.00

     - The Cleansing Relationship Repair Scent is:  citrus, conifer, fresh

Use this salt base around your altar, sprinkle it onto your floor or carpet and vacuum or sweep it up, sprinkle some under your entry mat outside, or use it for some energetic self-care in a cleansing bath.

*Made with Dead Sea salt for its mineral content as well as it’s ability to energetically cleanse around your space.

*We also added heather flowers which aligns with Mercury and the element of water, pau d'arco which aligns with Pluto, the Moon, and Saturn, and the element of water, and helichrysum flower, which aligns with Saturn and the element of fire.

Together they make a talisman for positive energy, protection, better communication and more laughter and joy.  There is also some classic love enhancement ingredients, including sandalwood and valerian just to keep things on the spicy side.

It comes in a bulk 4 oz, rice paper pouch.


Maris sal, Passion Flower, Pau D’Arco Bark, Heather Flowers, Valerian Oil, Peru Basalm Oil, Sandalwood Oil, Heilichrysum Flower Oil.

Salt Cleansings - Relationship Repair - Keven Craft Rituals
Salt Cleansings - Relationship Repair Sale price$ 16.00