Samhain Broom Ritual

$ 25

This is a closed Ritual event, by invitation only. You are seeing this because you received and invitation. To participate in the ritual you must get a ticket and bring a broom. Be prepared to participate in the ritual. A fancy witches broom or simple kitchen broom will work.

We have a limited amount of space and will have a waitlist for spots that open up.*** Please RSVP by purchasing a ticket or let us know if you spot may be passed to another sister. If you need time to decide please contact Erika at Keven to discuss details.

Tickets cost is $25 or $15 (plus a potluck dish of food to share) after the ritual. You may bring a special beverage for yourself if you wish.

Drinks, plates, and utensils will be peovided and we will have a relaxed meal after the ritual.

RItual will be co-led by Erika and Dandy Pie

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