Selenite Crystal Charging Plate with Magick Inscriptions

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$ 14.00

A single, natural selenite charging plate, 8” x 1.5” long. This is a customized, etched stone with our in-house designs. (Shot with a light refraction, and is not holographic.)

From top to bottom on multiples shot:

  1. Serpent Portal
  2. Master Reiki
  3. Black Magic
  4. Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Spirit
  5. Master Rune, Algiz
  6. Moon Phases
  7. Custom Request

Clears etheric blockages to help connect with the higher self, prevents emotional stagnation, and can also be used to direct high-frequency energy into the body to stimulate physical healing. 

This will work as a crystal to help raise the vibrations in your space, but simply place other crystal on top for using it's properties of cleansing other crystals. It can be taken outside and done in the moonlight, sunlight, or at any other time of day, indoors.

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