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"Shadow and Light" Amulet Necklace - by Obsidian Swan

Sale price$ 65.00

"Shadows & Light"

1 Crow's Talon
3 Moonflower(Datura) Seeds
2 Tourmalated Quartz Pieces(Clear Quartz w/ Black Tourmaline Inclusions)
1 Obsidian Piece
3 Black Copal Resin Pieces
6 Gum Arabic Resin Pieces
3 Moonstone Pieces
Part Of A Crow's Feather
Off-White Rabbit's Fur(underneath everything else)
This pendant is inspired by the concept of having balance in one's life and how the idea of "dark" and "light" energy are one in the same and both essential to our continuous physical circle of life and spiritual transformation and underworld journeying
"Lying on my back, looking upwards at Yggdrasil; its branches seemingly glowing
feeling myself sink into the ground
feeling the roots and stones brush against me
falling, falling, down into the dark
the goddess Hel
a stern yet loving carer
teaching her wisdom and what it really means to accept death, to grieve, to let go of what no longer serves us..
welcoming transformation"