Table Mountain Shadowkite (South Africa) Ring on Sterling Silver - Size 8

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Shadowkite is a blend of four different minerals: its primary component chrysocolla, cuprite, malachite and azurite.

Chrysocolla helps one speak and feel safe to express how we feel. It is connected with the throat, heart and root chakras. it can help facilitate sound healing. It is also said to help release stress and other fear based imalances in the body, making it have a positive effect on both the thyroid and adrenals.

Cuprite assists us in dealing with female relationships, mother, sister, daughter, wife or a female partner. It is also said to be helpful in dealing with major problems: irrational anxieties, terror from past traumas, and fear of dying.

Malachite is a very interesting stone. It activates all energetic bodies and is especially good on the heart and throat chakras. It is known as a “stone of transformation” with deep cleansing and abilities of growth. It is used to help expel negative energies and pollutants from the body and is said to help with electromagnetic pollution. 

In ancient Egypt, Malachite was used by the upper classes as one of their main power stones, serving as a grounding force to help them channel higher energies onto the planet.

“Well known to ancient Egyptians, Malachite mines were in use between the Suez and Sinai as early as 4000 BC. It was also popular with the ancient Greeks and Romans, for jewelry, ornaments, and in powdered form, for eye shadow. In the Middle Ages, Malachite was believed to protect against the "Evil Eye" and to cure various stomach ailments. Russian czars used Malachite for ornaments and paneling for their castles and intricate inlay work.” - Crystal Vault

Azurite increases psychic abilities, is known as an "emotional cleanser" and helps one connect with their spirit guides. It has been popular amongst many cultures, probably because of its interesting combination properties.

"For as long as the world remembers, Azurite has been a stone held high in spiritual reverence. In Ancient Egypt, it was considered to be a sacred stone, saved solely for use by high priestesses and priests. It’s also a stone said to be connected to the lost city of Atlantis. In China, it was believed to be the stone that cracked open celestial pathways and Native Americans used Azurite to communicate with spirit guides. When it comes to Azurite, there are a ton of lofty connections. Even here on our mortal plains, Azurite was celebrated for its beauty." - Tiny Rituals

Handcrafted and set in 92.5 sterling silver.


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