Tarot Reading - with Erika (In-Person w/ Vaccination Card)

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$ 120.00

 In Person readings do require a vaccination card that matches your ID. If you do not have your card we cannot proceed with the reading. Masks must still be worn and social distancing of 6 feet required due to other customers as well as my young child that frequents the store.


I use my own variation of tarot reading with multiple deck layerings and in depth perspective with anywhere from 7-10 decks at once. I don’t limit my readings to a certain number of questions or cards, and the limit is based on time.

I can approach abstract or distinct questions as well as help you find ways of opening up your path into a positive approach. 


Erika, the owner of Keven, has been reading Tarot for 27+ years. She has spent a lifetime on her spiritual path studying shamanism, ritual, energy work, reiki, and magic. She worked for the psychic friends network briefly and specializes in helping one find their current blockages. Her passion lies in a holistic approach paired with personal intention so others can find their balance.

She is kind and considerate of delicate or personal information, which is always kept confidential.

**Tarot uses quantum physics and personal energies by revealing to the reader and the read more information of the current path. This means the more open you are to the process, the deeper the reading can go.

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