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Tarot Reading + Energy Work - with Kiki In-Person

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Kiki Robinson AKA Opulent Witch (they/them) - (Libra sun, Cancer Rising, Aquarius Moon)

I am a tarot reader, multi-media artist, dancer, healing arts practitioner, and co-creator of The Living Altar along with Ylva Mara Radziszewski. I am a queer and non-binary practicing witch of traditional magic, my altar is centered in sovereignty, justice and compassion. My ancestral background is Irish, British Isles and Romani. My first love of magic came through art of many mediums including printmaking, dance and performance art, and my intention is to embody healing and magic through my Creative Spirit. I live on unceded Chinook land, now known as Portland, OR.

Description: Tarot is a tool of divination that allows us to pull our magic into form and create a visual to find clarity, guidance, and healing. The tarot holds archetypes that can unlock and invoke remembrance of our magic! This session is a combination of tarot + oracle reading, and energy tending. The first 15 min will be dedicated to a reading to bring forward supportive elements, and the second half will be an energy clearing and tending through sound and song. You will leave the session with ritual home and a sense of a clear path forward! 

Note: my readings are not centered in future-focused predictions, rather empowering your agency. 

Photo credit: Erica Sterling Photography. 


Tarot Reading + Energy Work - with Kiki In-Person
Tarot Reading + Energy Work - with Kiki In-Person Sale price$ 80.00