Taxidermy Bat Box - Real Indonesian dried bat w/ dried herbs & flowers

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Created by Lovely Little Bones Occult, by two local PDX makers.

How cool are these. They evoke such a vibe just sitting on the shelf. Display this with all your spooky season goodies, which we know you have up year round for your witch aestetic.

Real dried and taxidermied bat mounded in a shadow box with a plexiglass cover and an enclosed backing. it comes with hanging hardware or can be stood up on a shelf.

"Hipposideros larvatus, Jember - East Java, Indonesia. Dated November 2020"

**There has been much concern about the ethical collection of bats for taxidermy as of lately. Due to this, we won't be carrying anymore on consignment after these two as we cannot guarantee the originating source and we care and celebrate animals.

Conservation status: Least concern (LC) – unlikely to become endangered or extinct in the near future.
CITES = No special status
IUCN Red List = Least Concern
US Federal List = No special status

Approximately 16-18" long box.

1 piece in stock.

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