The Long Hidden Friend

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A collection of European folk magic charms, spells, rituals, remedies and prayers "The Long Hidden Friend" was written by John George Hohman, and first published in German as "Der Lange Verborgene Freund" in 1820, with later translations in English, eventually receiving the title "Pow-Wows"; or, "Long Lost Friend". This edition is edited and illustrated by Gemma Gary.

It is a fascinating collection of traditional European folk-magical formulas for a wide range of spells, simple rituals, charms, talismans, bindings, prayers, benedictions, magical folk-healing, recipes and remedies for humans and animals as well as various non-magical ‘tips’ for matters or rural and domestic life.

In editing this edition for Troy Books, Gemma Gary has arranged the formerly scattered and unstructured content into some order, organising the practices into the categories of Curative Arts, Animal Arts, Arts against Evildoers, Protective Arts and Propitious Arts; this final chapter detailing a diverse collection of magical and non magical practices for general success, good fortune, safety and wellbeing in a number of areas including divination, games and gambling, hunting and legal matters.

This edition is illustrated by Gemma’s line drawings, inspired by Dutch Pennsylvanian folk art, charms and traditional hex signs.

Paperback Edition.

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