The Nightshade Collection (Set) - Incense and Oils by The Nephilim Rising & Poisoners Apothecary

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The Nightside collection was created in collaboration with The Nephilim Rising and Poisoner's Apothecary. Combining their dark talents they created six formulas for workings of a chthonic and necromantic nature. There are many points of connection between poisonous plants and infernal spirits, and this collection accentuates those connections.

The collection consists of 3 ritual fumigations and 3 ritual anointing oils:

Incense: .5 oz each

Mortem Obire: a Plutonian, Martian and Venusian blend for protection, ancestral veneration and necromancy Contains: Somali Frankincense, cypress (resin, bark, needles and oil). periwinkle, calendula, red lotus and henbane.

Maleficarum: A saturnian and lunar blend for defensive and baneful magic, hedge riding and dreamwork. Contains: black copal, mugwort, patchouli, Indian myrrh, datura and valerian root.

Fumus Chthonios: A Plutonian, Venusian and Mercurial blend for Underworld workings, shadow work, and to ignite passion in one’s life. Contains: Somali Frankincense, Indian Myrrh, pomegranate powder, Egyptian & Indian Rose, mandrake leaves, poppy.

Oils: 10 ml each

Descensum: A formula of master-plant spirits that guard the gates of the Netherworld. Apply to energy centers in descending order for Underworld travel, or to cloak the human life force when walking among the dead. Contains: mandrake, poplar, myrrh, pomegranate and benzoin in sweet almond oil.

Vox Mortem: Fragrant and mercurial A single drop may be used to “split the tongue” to speak in both worlds. Use when speaking words of power, commanding spirits and other entities, and whispering to the dead, or to add power to a spell. Contains: fennel, star anise, henbane seed, vervain, calamus and mint in sweet almond oil.

The Black Veil: Dark plant allies of a nocturnal nature create this formula calling the powers of the night. Use for rituals of divination, glamour and secrecy. Contains: blackthorn, black bryony root, datura, and jasmine in sweet almond oil.

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