The Pathfinder Oracle (w/ special Kickstarter perks)

$ 45 $ 50

"This deck draws its inspiration from the great National Parks and wilderness areas I've had the privilege to visit during work, including Arches, Zion, Great Sand Dunes, Joshua Tree, and Death Valley National Parks, the Mojave National Preserve, and a few others. The idea for The Pathfinder Oracle Deck came to me while hiking in the desert, thinking about how some folks do tarot or card readings by also incorporating upside down cards as a reverse meaning and how it would be interesting to use all four sides of a square card as four separate, but related meanings of the card." - A.L. Swartz

The Pathfinder Oracle Deck is a 48 card oracle deck.

  • 3.5x3.5" square playing cards, 320gsm black core linen playing card stock

  • Custom rigid two-piece box featuring Desert card.

  • Open Edition*

  • Guidebook Included

  • Includes the special Kickstarter bonus items which include a Yes/No coin, and a tarot cloth made specifically for the deck.

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