The Weaver Tarot - Ascendant

$ 80

The Weaver Ascendant is a 78 card tarot deck, booklet included. It is matte black with holographic foil illustrations. The holographic foil brings movement to the cards.

D E C K     S P E C S

78 cards
4.75" x 3.25" card size
400 gsm cardstock
Matte lamination
5.25” x 3.75” box size
Top bottom box
Holographic foil artwork on matte black
Matte black edging.

The deck is gender neutral - we have renamed some of the cards:
Kings = Rulers
Queens = Sovereigns
Knights = Conquerors
Pages = Seekers

For any card we have made to be gender neutral, you will also be able to find the traditional Rider-Waite name in the booklet's card description.



We are opening these decks up for pre-order so we have an idea of how many we need to order of each. We will be placing our order for mass production 48 hours after the pre-order begins. It is approximately 25 days for production and 10-12 days for shipment to the US. We are shipping by air not by sea, cutting down on time and potential delays at customs. Since our kickstarter delays at customs, we have chosen to ship by air since February and have had no issues or delays. We expect to be shipping to customers by late October.

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