Tiffany Technique - Bloodstone Amulet Necklace

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$ 65.00

Bloodstone is an amazing grounding stone that is great for the energetic body and the physical body. It gives strength and promotes healing in relation to all physical aspects pertaining to blood or muscle.

It is a form of jasper and benefits the root chakra and is grounding.


Tiffany Technique and crystal necklaces with hand selected crystals. Each piece was made by hand by US artist Bone Church Jewelry.

(Sterling silver,tin and copper) 
All handdone metal work has been darkened to a somber gray to give it an antiqued and ancient look.

Pieces are then polished and sealed with jewelry wax and finally sealed with a lacquer to protect the patina overtime.

Long chains are 30” long and short chains are 18” long.

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