Tiffany Technique - Chlorite and Iodolite Inclusion Quartz Talisman Necklace

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Chlorite helps removed emotional blockages and adds connectedness to others. It is a stone for healing, helping one to embrace and move through change with ease and gentleness.

Iodolite is known as a shamanic dream quartz, so it tethers one to the other realms and can promote lucid dreaming. 

Clear Quartz will bring a higher vibration to any space and is excellent for meditation and energy work. As with all quartz, it is programmable to enhance something or be assigned a specific task.


(Sterling silver, tin and copper) 
All hand done metal work has been darkened to a somber gray to give it an antiqued and ancient look.

Pieces are then polished and sealed with jewelry wax and finally sealed with a lacquer to protect the patina overtime.

Long chains are 30” long and short chains are 18” long.

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