Tiffany Technique - Deer Antler w/ Sunstone Talisman Necklace

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Sunstone is known as a fire elemental stone that assists with leadership, strength, abundance of money and luck, and a balanced and elightened fire energy. It is known to connect with the energy of the sun and is directly connected with Ra, the ancient Egyptian God. 

This is akin to the initiation of light, implementing into the body, our psyche, and spirituality.  It helps one to use their gifts to help others and transfer anger into joy.

Use it to raise your inner chi, keeping your body temperature on on cool days, or when you are that water sign that always has cold fingers and toes.


Tiffany Technique and crystal necklaces with hand selected crystals. Each piece was made by hand by US artist Bone Church Jewelry.

(Sterling silver, tin and copper) 
All hand done metal work has been darkened to a somber gray to give it an antiqued and ancient look.

Pieces are then polished and sealed with jewelry wax and finally sealed with a lacquer to protect the patina overtime.

Long chains are 30” long and short chains are 18” long.

1 piece in stock.

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