The Janus Tarot Deck - by The Ink Maiden

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A note from the maker:

Each card created with the help of a non-cis person who navigates this world in a different way, in a different body, a different story, and with a different set of tools that help them adapt to their obstacles; whatever they may be. From binary trans men and woman, to nonbinary fems and mascs, to gender queer individuals and those still questioning their identities, and even more too! Trans bodies, beautiful without a single surgery, bodies during transitional periods, and bodies becoming more and more affirming with each step in their journey towards self-acceptance. There are so many ways to be trans, we come in every shape, size, color, and culture throughout all of history and we always will. Its about time we have a tarot deck that shows our truths.

There are so many of us that its pretty impossible to fit all of us into just 78 cards, but I tried my best and i hope to keep creating, as well as asking you to try your hand at creating as well! I wanted a Tarot deck that reflected my Trans'ness in its artwork, so i picked up my pen and started creating. Life is too short to sit around waiting for someone else to give you what you want. Sometimes you have to just do it yourself, and thats what i wanted to attempt with this project. A trans inclusive tarot deck, by trans people, for EVERYONE <3
I can only hope that seeing me create a whole tarot deck of trans art will inspire others to continue the trend and make their own too!
Lets all make more and more Trans Art!

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