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UN-Holy Petitions

Sale price$ 5.00

High-quality magicians paper intended to be burned during spells or rituals.

These should be lit, one at a time, and burned with spells written on them. They are highly flammable when dry and use caution when igniting. 

Remove one paper at a time and allow to dry. When ignited, the paper will burn completely, leaving no residue.  They can ignite with high temperatures alone, so store in a cool dark, fire-safe place.

This is a curio object. Comes in a white or brown aper package based on stock.

Since these are highly flammable, one must be 18+ to purchase and we will only ship these ground, or pick-up only.


UN-Holy Petitions - Keven Craft Rituals
UN-Holy Petitions Sale price$ 5.00