Van Van - Prosperity, Love Magic, & Success Conjure Oil

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Van Van is a multi-use magical oil made with traditional ingredients with our own personal twists.
Vervain the most important ingredient in this oil. In Rome it was use for cleansing altars to Jupiter, but it is commonly used today for love and protection spells. It’s also excellent for prosperity spells, and mixed with Galangal (Chewing John/Low John) and Bay Laurel is is perfect to use for help in legal matters, success, and drawing positivity from the ether.

Shake and use 1-2 drops on the skin as necessary. Breath in the scent and use your intention to work your magic. Use it on candles, anointing objects, or sacred spaces.

As a candle dressing, shake and drop 10-15 drops on the top of a candle. Light the candle and burn in a safe area. Do not leave unattended.


This is a *curio object. It has a proprietary blend of ingredients specific for scent, aromatherapy and metaphysical properties. 

**organic grapeseed oil, alcohol extracted herbs, proprietary blend of essential oils. 

**sustainable, eco-conscious, vegan

**Get your discount on the re-use of container when brought back into our local store.

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