Vandenborre Baccus Flemish Tarot 1780 (Rare) - Vintage US Games from 1983

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Also know as the "Tarot Flamand de 1780" is a 1983 reproduction of the Flemish Tarot first cut in wood by F.I. Vandenborre around 1775. Jointly published by Carta Mundi of Belgium & U. S. Games. Vibrant colors of red, yellow & blue, along with a subtle grey, flesh-tone and olive green make a lovely palette on this historically important deck of 78 Marseille-type cards. French card titles are shown on Trumps and Court cards.

Like the Besancon Tarot, that avoided the use of the Pope and the Popess in light of religious sensibilities, the Flemish Tarot has two unique Trump characters that differentiate it from the usual sequence; V is Bachus and II is the Spanish Captain, modelled after a figure in the Commedia dell'Arte . It also has depictions on some cards that harken back to the variant images of the Northern decks of the Tarot de Paris and Vieville, including the sideways representation of the Devil, and Lightening striking a tree as opposed to the Tower for XVI. The Fool is numbered 22 instead of 0.

Minor Arcana suits are Epees, Coupes, Batons & Deniers, showing pip symbols and other floral elements Other imagery in the Minors are the 2 & 3 of Epees have a Bird & a Crown, respectively, while the 4 of Deniers shows a heraldic lion holding up a small tower or castle. French text on the Ace & 2 of Deniers provide original card-maker information, and the 2 of Cups has additional text. Most Epee & Baton pips are numbered, with most having Arabic numerals, yet the #10 card is in Roman. Court characters of Valet, Chevalier, Reine & Roi are traditionally arrayed in Medieval or Renaissance costume.

Cards made in Belgium, and printed on thick, substantial card stock with an uncoated matte finish; a much nicer feel than the typical playing-card plastic coatings of many commercial Tarot decks.

30 page instruction booklet in English provides historical background information, divinatory meanings for all cards and 3 spreads: The Cross (5 cards) The Seven (7 cards) & The Gypsy Spread (12 cards).

Condition description: All cards in mint condition. Small fold on booklet and gently scuffed cover.

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