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Wearable Spell Bottles - by The Nephilim Rising

Sale price$ 25.00

Wearable Spell Magick by The Nephilim Rising. Each bottle is crafted and filled to represent different correspondences.

Solar Power - Contains: Arnica, Citrine, Ginger, Golden Rod, Orange Peel, Red Agate & Yellow Dock.

Correspondences - Solar Plexus Chakra, Fire Element, Abundance, Luck, Happiness, Defeat Blue Moods


Cosmic Sky Protection - Contains: Black Salt, Black Tourmaline & Blue Goldstone

Correspondences - Root & Throat Chakras, Earth Element, Psychic Protection, Return to Sender, Transmute Negativity


I am Love - Contains: Cardamom Seeds, Pink Rose Petals, Rose Quartz & White Willow Bark

Correspondences - Heart Chakra, Earth & Water Elements, Receptive, Yin Energy, Manifest Self-Love, Calming, Sweetener Spell