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Weaving Witchcraft : A Meeting of Indigenous and Folklore Magick (May 26th 7-8PM PST)

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There has been a pull in the community to form a meeting group where people with indigenous heritage who practice witchcraft to connect with other practitioners. In honor of the local area of the Chinook tribes we have decided that this group is less about one teacher and more about sharing magic and medicine. No-one will be considered too white/too indigenous/too black, or not enough of a witch. You should identify as a folklore practitioner (range from new to experienced)or someone with some indigenous (any continent) ancestry and wishing to connect with this and your craft in a creative and fluid manner.

Although this is a femme centric group in honor of the grandmothers that have passed down some of this knowledge, we also welcome those who identify as any gender or two-spirit. This is a non-religious event for learning about indigenous and ancestral work while exploring your own personal path. This is not meant to replace any community but provide a space for those whom practice and want to integrate and weave some of these ideas into their own practice.

Group members are invited to participate in future events with their own knowledge/sharing and we plan on meeting and performing small but respectful rituals at sacred sites locally here to the PNW/Portland area.