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Wild Woman Oracle

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Wild Woman Oracle - Awaken your true, free and soulful self

The essence of the Wild Woman Oracle is feminine, dark, witchy, wise, mystical, spiritual, whimsical, authentic, educational, and empowering. The essence feels like the Dark Feminine which is loving and compassionate, yet honest, direct, and powerful.

Through mythological, folkloric and contemporary tales about empowering female figures who embody the Wild Woman in their own unique ways, The Wild Woman Oracle will awaken you to your true, free and soulful Self. These Wild Women’s stories - the losses, victories, and lessons learned - will help you begin to rewrite your own story. You will see how all your life experiences - especially the difficult, dark and uncertain ones - are alchemising into gold … into the invaluable wisdom, fierce self-respect and keen joie de vivre of the Wild Woman.

Examples from the book:

SKADI - Authenticity

Skadi tells you that you may be hiding aspects of your Self or sacrificing your true needs and desires in the name of compromise. A compatible relationship – whether familial, platonic or romantic – will never cause us to compromise our authenticity but embrace, encourage and empower



As women, too often we sacrifice our true needs and desires, and lose ourselves in our romantic partners. While it is only natural to want to love and be loved by another, Freyja reminds you that you have a responsibility to love yourself first, as how you treat yourself truly does set the standard for how others – especially romantic partners – will treat you.