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Yantra Palo Santo Set

Sale price$ 26.00

A 5-6 stick set of palo santo wood with a custom etched Yantra. It was created in-house with the Yantra on one side of the sticks with “Om mani padme hum” on the other. It was created with the utmost intent for the practitioner in mind.

Light this and burn as an incense to cleanse your space and energetic body. Yantras are particulary meant to meditate and worship dieties. In some traditions it is believed that yantras give the practitioner occult powers.

**Always use a fire safe plate or shell to contain any burning embers

All natural, sacred, and ethically sourced. We get these as fresh cut as possible.



Yantra Palo Santo Set
Yantra Palo Santo Set Sale price$ 26.00