Yomogi (Mugwort) - Oregon Grown

$ 12


Japanese Mugwort (Artemisia princeps) is more potent than traditional sage bundled herbs. It has a stonger scent and a slightly different vibe than the American variation. It is great for modern day witches who need more intensity with their ritual. It is great for clearing psychic energy and debris as well as working with divination and goddess energy.


Grown and harvested in Elmira, OR by an Ainu (Indigenous Japanese) Shaman, Blossoming Lotus Herbs


Light the sage and set the burning leaves onto a non-flammable container (like a traditional abalone shell)

Wave a feather above, to further enhance and fan the smoldering sacred scents into the air, while saying a personal mantra and envision the space being cleansed. 

Open windows and doors and ensure the smoke is waved in all corners of the room. Make sure the sage stick is put out when complete and do not leave unattended while burning.

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