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Camphor Tablets - For Incense, Spells, and Potions

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These are packaged 90 grams of camphor tablets 

100% NATURAL CAMPHOR: Obtained from the bark of the tree Cinnamonun Camphora. Only 50-year old trees produce the waxy substance which is used as camphor oil. The process of steam distillation is used to extract camphor oil from trees its than turned into tablets, blocks or camphor which can be used in variety of ways. Essence of Camphor can be used as a shield to protect your aura from coming under negative energies, crushing pieces of camphor into a warm bath will remove the negtive energies. In hindu culture camphor has been used during ceremonies for purification. Tablets can be placed in corners of a room for protection (avoid places with pets and children.


Crush the tablet to use for purification bathing, Grind some into a powder and mix into a an oil for a homemade vapor rub. 

These are intended to be burned “neat” on a charcoal disc, used in spellwork, or ground up for your modern potions. Can also be used in a candle warming diffuser. 

**Do not ingest. Not recommended to use if you have asthma. It is said to make symptoms worse. Skin contact can irritate the skin. Use in dilution and with caution if you use a topical application.


Camphor Camphora officinarum

Energy: Masculine Planet: Sun Element: Air/Fire Power: Purification, Protection, Banishing, Divination, Prosperity, Love, Can increase streght or Influence Part: Resin /Powder/ Oil


Camphor Tablets - For Incense, Spells, and Potions
Camphor Tablets - For Incense, Spells, and Potions Sale price$7.64