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Death Moth, Wooden Earrings

Sale price$357.00

Unique double layered, death moth, hardwood, kinetic earrings by Keven Craft Rituals -

They are made with hand-painted details with gold/silver leaf accents and hang from a simple sterling silver, leaf-shaped ear wire. Shown here is the purpleheart and black walnut. 

Options for the woods include walnut (dark brown), purple heart (purple), paduk (orange), cherry (warm brown), and sycamore  or ash (light wood).

***Like with any jewelry, these can break if they are dropped the wrong way, but since they are wood they can be repaired w/ a dab of wood glue! We do not hold any responsibility for how you care for these after they leave the store. 


Color:Walnut + Sycamore - Gold Leaf
Death Moth, Wooden Earrings - Keven Craft Rituals
Death Moth, Wooden Earrings Sale price$357.00