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Witches Finger

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Witches Fingers are a combination of Smoky Quartz with Rutile and sprinkled with Micas, Muscovite/Zinnwaldite, Magnetite, Sphalerite, Hematite and/or Actinolite.  Because each Witches Finger Crystal is different, mineral identification needs to be taken on a one-to-one basis.They come from an open pit mine in Zamibia that is now closed due to political unrest. Because of this, they are very hard to find and extremely rare.

The Witches Finger will attract new spirit guides and teachers to you, and you will immediately sense this change. Activating your "blueprint", with the acceptance that you wish to follow your chosen path, will cause your aura to alter, therefore releasing old attachments and habits. This change of consciousness will manifest within your aura, thus attracting the right teachers for you at that particular point of your journey. The crystal will assist in channeling this information, while allowing you to logically decipher the correct information that you will in turn apply to your journey.

It will help you to acknowledge who you are, and to eliminate those traits, that stop your growth. It will provide self-reflection, and assist one to grow in the right direction. It will give you clarity of vision, so that the correct choices can be made. It will also allow you to create balance and harmony between yourself and fellow man. By releasing fear from the heart, you are open to receive information from those around you without being judgmental, or blocking energy flow through fear, which in turn limits your personal growth. It can be used to attract the correct spiritual partners into your life, not necessary those of romantic attachments, but those who will help you to grow and develop as a spiritual being, within the cosmic consciousness.

This mineral will assist you in astral travel and dream work. It will help you to recall your spiritual teachings while asleep, and activate your intuition and yin side, so as to decipher and intuitively use the information garnered from this experience. It will lead to wisdom, and an innate spiritual understanding, it will assist you on your journey while you experience your life's lessons


Becoming ungrounded for those not used to working with these stones is not uncommon in the beginning. Being 'stoned' is a term that I have heard used with those I know who are not used to the energy.

They do not need cleansing, they help clean other stones. They help assist in dream work and are even more so when paired with a herkimer diamond.