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Article: Smoking Blends and Blue Lotus Products

Smoking Blends and Blue Lotus Products

Our long time POS system contacted us weeks ago to let us know we were having our payouts disabled (all money frozen!) until all Smoking Blends and Blue Lotus Products were removed. This was incredibly difficult on us as a small business getting our payouts back up and going and we need our regular funding this year to maintain business as usual.

**These items are still legal to sell, but cannot be purchased via this website provider and must use a third party payment system.

 We are sorry for the inconvenience but is is the easiest decision to keep these products but change the way they are purchased.

To order these products directly either retail or wholesale, please use our contact page for adding to your order, etc. 


These include (working list):

Chronic Pains Smoking Blend (the Nephilim Rising)

Mullein da Fey Smoking Blend

Lucid Dream Smoking Blend

Sex, Trance, and Astral Travel Smoking Blend

Blue Lotus Flower - Bulk

Moonstruck Potion 

Ad Astra

Sacred Smoke 



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