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Podcasts, Physical Press, and Digital Press

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Podcasts Interviews:

Koin 6 - 6 Questions Podcast - "Interview w/ a Witch"

"PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — What better way to celebrate Halloween and the arrival of Spooky Season than by talking to a real witch.

This week, KOIN 6 News Anchor Emily Burris sits down with Erica Fortner.

ot only is she a practicing witch, Fortner operates Queen Meb, a unique shop for witches and witchcraft in Northeast Portland.

She stops by to chat with Emily about witchcraft, tarot, and the many ways in which witches are very misunderstood.

Plus, the two also talk about why Portland seems to be a welcoming home for people who practice a variety of alternative religions."


Luna Soul Podcast - (Season 2) The Spiritual Underground of the Pacific Northwest - Episode TBA. Slated to air March 3rd 2022, but pushed back.


MagikCool Podcast - There's a place for you in this witchy world with Erika of Queen Meb

"Meet Erika Fortner headmistress at We talk about her online witchcraft school, 25 years of Tarot and how it guides her in life, and working with different pantheons of Gods/Godesses. Most importantly we hold conversation with a witch who put together a community for other witches to share, educate, and support one another.  Erika is an ever inspiring person in world of witchcraft."


The Witches of End Times - Episode 16

"I'm joined this week by Erika Fortner, owner of Queen Meb, a witch shop in Portland, Oregon. Erika shares their wisdom about beginning Lenormand deck history and tips, protester defense magick, existing symbiotically with the Fae, queer deities, soul eating winged valkyries, living in the liminal space, psychopomps, being a part of the darkness, and the internal witch compass we all have. I am truly proud to write out that particular list of conversation topics."


That Witch Life - Episode 10

“It’s the power behind the tool, not the tool.”

"Herbs are a cornerstone of spells in Witchcraft, but they can be tricky! We are joined today by Erika Fortner who give us a whole list of fabulous herbs to use and how to use them in our spells, including the risks of using certain herbs. She also gives us a glimpse into the life of a Magick shop owner. We also talk about the personal responsibility in Witchcraft, mean people, dog snot, dangerous shapewear, and a Magick book you DON’T need to read. Plus, it’s Hilary’s birthday!!! ***Please note–the herbs discussed are for informational use, only. Please consult a medical practitioner before using herbs topically or internally.***"



WW Finder 2019-2020 - Wilamette Week, digital and print

Best of Portland 2022 - Wilamette Week, digital and print



The House of Twigs - witch blog

The Nephilim Rising - witch blog