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Erika Fortner, Tarot Reader, Mom

Erika has been a tarot reader. medium, and psychic for 23+ years. She has an extensive fine art background from living abroad and in NYC and is the main creator of Keven lifestyle products including their handmade skincare products, organic goods, metaphysical, and home & hearth items. Erika is an eclectic, energy worker (Reiki master and other healing modalities), and shamanic witch, specializing in tarot, crystal work, and channeling since 1995. She is also the Head Mistress of The House of Twigs, and THOT: The School of Ritual. She especially favors the Morrighan, Isis, Hecate, Freya, and Cernnunos.



Her inspiration of ritual comes from many areas, including her family lineage which to the first high kings of Ireland, the father of Queen Maeb, the King of the the Picts, and also connections with the Welsh Lewellyn family, the Scottish McLaughlins, De Forsythe and McCloud clans. She worked for the Psychic Friends Network while in Brooklyn New York before deciding the ethos of the company wasn't what she was interested in.

She rides the cusp of the Aries and Pieces as a sun sign as an Alpha/Omega combination and has been deemed "one of the most confident, pioneer witches" by many.

She offer s a non-denominational session or a Witch and Pagan centric Reiki Healing witch involves practices of Shamanism, Sound healing, Deity work and Candle Magick. She channels many of her sessions ad offers services starting at $40 for 30 minutes, $80 an hour. She can do in-person readings, phone, skype, or other forms of distance work and also offers one-on-one Tarot instruction starting at $100 per hour no matter your experience.
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Tad Ericson
Co-owner, Creative Media Specialist, Drummer, Skateboarder, Father
Tad has had an interesting path. He suffered from asthma his entire life and had many transformations during his time, including the two times that he died and managed to come back. He is a Scorpio sun, Scorpio rising, and a Cancer Moon making him an intense but half-in/ half out highjy prophetic contributor with many insights into the other realms. His professional life is distinguished in the music, video, and VFX industry and even managed to work with Vevo as their editor for a decent amount of time. He did work on the TV show Borgia, a Kanye West music video, and worked with Seabring Studios. He has helped focus larger brands with the creative media solutions and even created one of the Grammy introduction and 2-D media titles. 

As a witchy practitioner, he is eclectic but also connects deeply with his Norwegian roots and works with Odin, Cernnunos, and Kali.