Ritual Incense - Take Me to Church

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Hand-rolled and formed incense sticks with a makko base. This has hand-ground blend, focuses on the traditional combination of storax (sweet myrrh) and Ethiopian frankincense.

Our chunky, handmade sticks, are shaped into a unique triangular formation for durability and it's geometric properties will burn for an extended amount of time. Expect these to burn 2-3 times longer than a normal stick of incense. These can be snuffed out and re-lit, or burned continuously.

We don't use any synthetics and does not contain any chemical additives or cow dung as an accelerate (yes, many commercial incense sticks are made with this!). It is blended with Makko Baieido and contains only the highest ingredient resins, herbs, and essential oils.

Each package comes with 3, chunky triangular sticks.


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