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Calcite (Mixed) - Raw

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Known as a powerful cleanser to help move stagnant energies, calcite is also known to increase and speed up personal growth. It is a stone of discernment, making it an ally with any magickal practitioner to decipher energies, intentions, and overall vibe of a situation, spell, or spirit. It is also said to help regulate stress, perhaps allowing the true meaning of something to shine through. 

It is said to help find true love, regulate strong emotions of anger and rage, and temper experiences to be true. This is an excellent stone for those recovering from addiction or poor behavior choices due to emotional turmoil or stress. 

"They can be found all over the world, and they are often mixed with other stones. The Calcite crystal is also known as Calcspar, Clear Calcite, Iceland Crystal, Iceland Spar, and Optical Calcite.

These crystals are often soft and shiny. They can be opaque or transparent and usually have a band of mixed colors.

They can be colorless, and they can also be black, blue, brown, orange, green, pink, red, yellow, and gray.

The word Calcite comes from the Latin word ‘‘calx’’ and the Greek word ‘‘chalix’’, which means lime." -

Clear Calcite: Crown Chakra, channeling, angelic energies, enhancement, leveling up and integrating shadow

Brown Calcite: Grounding, stability, earth based energies, mental calm

Green Calcite: Love, metal healing, poor behavior, mental balance

Blue Calcite: Throat Chakra, helping to remove blocked energies, recovering energies

Light Red/Pink Calcite: energy and vitality, root chakra, dissolves restlessness, boundaries for those that give too much


Color:Brown (4.8 - 8.8g)
Calcite (Mixed) - Raw
Calcite (Mixed) - Raw Sale price$ 1.00