Capricorn: Gold Leafed Art Print

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Capricorn : The Sea Goat, the Tenth House, ruled by Saturn, Cardinal Earth, correlated with the Devil tarot card. Capricorns truly embody the Saturnian sense of structure. Surefooted as the goat; climbing life’s mountains with considerate, methodical planning and tenacity - they are list makers and plan-hatchers. A big ole chunk of amethyst helps Caps heed the lesson’s of the Devil tarot archetype - bringing boundaries and balance, and exploring the way their single mindedness and fixated intellectualism can too-easily give way to addiction and pain. Our Cap is pictured with Pansies - an unsung hero, providing expanses of colorful beauty with their diligent growth.

Available with hand gold leafing embellishments (each will vary slightly, leafed to order)

Original artwork by Kita Atabaki. 9”x12” 100% cotton watercolor rag, archival quality print.

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