Hardwood Nüwa & Fuxi I Ching - Divination Set

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This I Ching set comes with 14 tiles made with finger locking box details and an inset lid made of the hardwood of your choice. It is adorned on top with the famous hanging scroll art of where it is believed is the origination of the I Ching.

"Nüwa is on the left. Fuxi is her brother. The circle at the top is the sun containing a three-footed bird. The smaller circles represent stars. The circle at the bottom is the moon containing a rabbit, cassia tree, and a toad. Unearthed at the Astana-Harahojo Ancient Cemetry in Turfan." Wikipedia

Tiles included are:
6 - Yin (--)
1 - Transforming Yin (-x-)
4 - Yang (-)
3 - Transforming Yang (-o-)

We do not include a Book of Changes to read the tiles, however there are many books and online sources for quick reference. 

More information of the hexagrams can be found here.

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