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Columbianite Tektite Crystals - (Very Rare) Authentic

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A natural tektite crystal known as Piedra Rayo or the Stone of Light. 

It connects with the sacred and Divine origin. Colombian Healers use it for communication with the invisible. It is a sacred stone of the Musica tribes.

It is well suited to people who are awakening to their spiritual nature and higher purpose in life. It helps release negative patterns and relationship resentments. They are known to clear the lower chakras and used to expand one’s consciousness, clear auras, and cleansing energetic debris while increasing high frequencies into the body.

The Colombianite stone is shrouded in much mystery, but it can be a grounding and empowering companion for those who feel called to work with this particular stone. Surprisingly, the powerful energies of Colombianite help you communicate with higher beings while staying present within your body, unlike Moldavite that can tend to cause people to leave much of their lower chakras.

Colombianites are usually deep, highly glossy, dark blue stones and they range in color from light yellow-brown to bluish gray. Colombianite Tektites, also known as the “Blue of Water”, have a vitreous luster when polished. The name “tektite” comes from their glassy appearance (Greek tektos). They can be hued green or blue. This translucent stone is created by meteors that strike on land and sea but originate under water at deeper depths than other types of meteorites.

All tektites are storm elemental and align with all chakras. They are particularly good for communication with higher beings, journeying, and dimensional communications. 

“In cooperation with the Geology Department (University of Ljubljana) and Museum of Natural History, we performed an extensive comparison study between different types of Tektites. The conclusion was that it is a very old and exceptionally preserved Obsidian resembling Tektite (Pseudotektite).

Interestingly, it has survived an incredible era of 30 million years (Obsidian is very unstable and rarely exceeds a few million years). It is a clear Natural, Highly Energetic Gem. Much rarer than Moldavite and Saffordite.

According to some, this is Cintamani Stone from Sanskrit, whose prophecy is written in Buddhism and Hinduism. The ancient writings mention the Stone as one of the four relics given from the sky to the people, to gain God's Mercy overall Life surrounding them. In Tibet, Stone's power is supposed to bring Dharma among the people - in other words, the CENTER OF INFINITY. Because of its desirable age, some call it the Stone of Wisdom or "Philosopher's Stone", which has been sought by all alchemists since the beginning of time, but the Stone of Wisdom is impossible to find unless you seek it inside. The proper understanding of the Cintamani prophecy can help you turn from an empty external search to the infinite internal one. In reality, the Stone of Wisdom is built out of human Tears of Recognition. According to the Cintamani prophecy, the Energy will shift when the Stone raises Mercy, and the whole world will cry in recognition of its weaknesses.” - Moldavite Society 

Columbianite Tektite Crystals - (Very Rare) Authentic - Keven Craft Rituals
Columbianite Tektite Crystals - (Very Rare) Authentic Sale price$ 20.00